BMC Dryver Program

Bernie Moreno Companies is pleased to announce our affiliation with Drvyer, the nation’s largest personal driver service. Dryver operates in 77 cities across 32 states with the slogan “We drive your car, so you don’t have to.” The company provides chauffeur services using your own vehicle. It’s an easy, cost-effective, and tech-enabled driver outsourcing solution for any business or individual.

Dryver provides one-stop shopping for customers and businesses needing drivers. The average driver is 51 years old and arrives dressed in professional business attire. Furthermore, customers can request their favorite driver.

Here’s how it works: Use the Dryver app, Dryver website or the Ohio-based call center (877-823-6933) to reserve a driver. A personal driver will arrive and drive you in your own car. This can be a great way to get home when you’ve had one or more too many drinks to drive safely. It’s also a great solution when you need non-emergency medical transportation, corporate transportation, senior/elderly assistance and more. Just ask for a Dryver personal driver to pick you up and chauffeur you in your own vehicle to your destination – a trustworthy designated driver is just a phone call away.

Dryver is a perfect partner for Bernie Moreno Companies. Both Cleveland-born companies share a blueprint for success: A good idea, cutting-edge technology, talented leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit. For more than a decade, Bernie Moreno has proven that luxury vehicles are not only for the ultra-rich. Now Dryver is proving that you don’t need a 9-figure net worth to have your own personal driver.

Turn to Dryver when you need a reliable personal driver. Its fully-screened and fully-insured drivers have at least 10 years’ experience, and are people you can trust. When you need a professional to operate your vehicle, call Dryver and relax – you’re in good hands.